Online casinos have exploded in popularity over the last decade. Fun time players and serious gamblers are spending quality time at their favorite casino in the comfort of their homes, or anywhere on the go with the addition of mobile apps where they can play anytime in their comfort zone. Mobile apps have some of the same games as the desktops have, but they also have games that are exclusively for the various mobile devices. These games are developed for the mobile app by some of the leading software developers in the industry, and the popularly trending game that is making the way to the top as a favorite is Episode.


Why is Episode so popular?

Episode is a mobile app with an interactive story line. It was developed by the American software developer Pocket Gems. It is a story telling platform and network that features stories designed especially for the smartphone and other mobile devices. The game has 84,000 different stories from which players can make choices while the game is progressing. The game also consists of a UGC creative platform that allows the player to create their own story.

Some of the Episode story lines

There are three types of stories featured on the Episode game.

They include the user generated stories created by the player, the in house stories that are the originals of the mobile casino, and the IP licensed stories which are also known as the studio celebrity stories. This specific type has games like The Demi Lovato: Path to Fame story line, the Clueless story line, Pretty Little Liars story line, Falling For The Dolan Twins, Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls: Senior Year, Cameron Dallas: It Started With A Lie, Dirty Dancing, and many other stories featuring well known celebrities that players would enjoy making choices for their own story line. The Episode games are suitable for adults and children over the age of 13.

Evan though the mobile app Episode has a rating that includes young people over 13 years of age, some critics think that the material is not appropriate for children of that age. Many of the story lines are based on characters that young people are familiar with, even those as young as 13.

Mobile apps for casino games are on the rise, and this stand alone app incorporates the action and graphics of an online casino, but is available without the casino ground rules of being over 18 to enter. It is fun to play, promotes creativity, and offers the thrill and excitement of choosing to change the story line as the user decides. Make sure to read the guide on how to get free gems on episode (it’s the in-game currency), this could be very helpful along the way.

The game should be tried so that everyone can see that it is a game suitable for all age groups.