While your website might be visually appealing, chances are pretty good that you could benefit from a rush of traffic. While traffic may have stabilized on your website, the cause may be quite surprising to you. Even the best websites make mistakes, so let us take a closer look at the top five SEO mistakes you are making on your website to see if you can turn things around. And remember, if some of these concepts are too difficult or technical for you to handle, then consider hiring a SEO expert to help you out.


  1. Writing Content Only for Organic Traffic – Most people know how to write a compelling story, and while that may read fine for your visitors, if the search engines cannot make heads or tails of it, then you won’t have any traffic to read it anyway. Making all your content readable for the search engines means making use of keywords relevant to the content, and several variations or synonyms of the same term. Don’t keyword stuff, just make sure each page is reflective of the keywords in that content.


  1. Using the Most Common Keywords – If your website is about puppy training and that is your main keyword, hopefully your website ranks higher than page one million of fifty million. That common keyword is being used by millions of other sites, so you don’t stand a chance of ranking in the universe of page one. If you used local variations like “Maltese puppy training in New Jersey”, you will have a better chance of getting near if not one page one. By improving the SEO on that long tail keyword, your entire website will also climb in the rankings.


  1. Not Making Use of Meta Fields – The meta fields require work, make no mistake about it. But, they go out as a signal to the search engines that allows them to read your content and understand what those videos and pictures are about. Commit to fixing one a day, and a month from now you will see a positive difference.


  1. Ignoring Social Interaction – All that hard work into designing the perfect website, and you neglected to add social share buttons for the world to make use of and lighten your load by sharing your posts with their inner circle. There are plenty of free social interaction buttons, be sure to add one to your website,


  1. Thinking the Website is Completed – Once you have uploaded your website, the work is not over. Too many people stop adding content because they think they created a masterpiece. That is why the bots stopped crawling, nothing new here. Add a new article or post daily to get the bots crawling again and your pages indexed higher.


Now chances are pretty good that you identified one or more of these SEO mistakes on your website that you can now correct. The good news is that as soon as you make changes, the search-engine bots will begin to crawl those pages and give your website a nice little boost.