While many of your friends may be signed up to Netflix or Hulu, you may not yet have decided to go with a paid streaming movie service. After all, once you sign up you are basically committing yourself to over $120 a year spent on movies. Movies you can often get for free elsewhere on the Internet.

If you have not yet decided if signing up for a paid streaming movie service is a smart move, here are a few things about free ones you may want to think about.

Free ones now have huge libraries of movies — If you used free streaming movie services, e.g. fmovies, a few years ago, and have not used them since, you may be surprised at the enormous number of movies many of them have in their libraries. So many, in fact, on some sites you will find movies you have not seen elsewhere for years.

That means whether you are looking for obscure western, strange art films or low-budget indie movies, many of the free streaming movie services will have them.

They can be accessed from everywhere — The drawback with the paid streaming movie services is that they are not always accessible from everywhere. Or, if like Netflix they are, they often do not have the same huge library of movies that a Netflix user in the United States would have access to for instance.

With free movie sites, however, you can stream the movies they have in their library from anywhere and at any time. All you have to do is click on the link, watch a quick video advert and then watch your movie.

This is especially useful for people who travel internationally often, as you will still have access to all your movies even if you are outside the United States.

No more registration or hours spent watching ads — Most of the better free streaming movie services do not require you to register to be able to watch movies online, nor do they expect you to spend a long time watching ads.

With paid streaming movie services like Hulu and Netflix, however, you have to register to access them. That means they can also monitor what you watch and keep a record of it, and that is not good for your privacy.

Free is always free — While paying for some of the top streaming movie services is not that expensive, if they do not have all the movies and TV shows you want to watch, you can end up registering for several.

That means if you really want to be able to access a huge number of movies and shows, you could end spending over $500 a year just on Netflix, Hulu and a couple of other sites.

With the free sites, however, there is never any need to spend any money. They do not require your credit card information, and they never charge you to watch hard to find movies in the genre that you love.