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Seattle gains hostels – about $35 per night

posted by on 2009.10.05, under economy, international district, seattle hostels

The American Hotel is Seattle's largest hostel with 320 beds. Located in the International District, it's part of the Hostelling International network.


It must be something from my traveling days. But I’ve always enjoyed staying at and learning about hostels.

I recently filed this freelance story for about more hostel beds in Seattle, including ones at the Hostelling International-affiliated American Hotel.

The price is right, too: About $35 per person per night.

The addition of hostels in Seattle marks an increase since 2007, when one near Pike Place Market closed and left the Green Tortoise Hostel as the only one of its kind in downtown. 

Hostels come in all types of buildings, too.

On the Northern California coast, my friends and I pedaled our bicycles to one housed in an old lighthouse. Some are based in castles.

I’ve always found that they’re a good way to stretch your traveling dollar.

You can spend more time in a location to walk around, look at the buildings, eat food, take photographs or just rest up.



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