If you are in the information technology (IT) field, and have not interviewed for many jobs before, these tips can help you get a good IT job with a reputable company.

Social networking is key — Not only should you have exceptional IT skills for any of the IT jobs you apply for, you should also be involved in social networking to such an extent finding a new job is relatively simple.


That means join social media sites and career-based sites like LinkedIn, and then network as much as you have time for. Thus, when it comes time to look for that new IT job, you will already know 50 people who can help you get it.


Having the perfect resume for the job — The resume you will be sending out as part of your application for IT jobs or IT vacatures does not have to be perfect. It just needs to be perfect for that particular job.


This means sending out a generic resume to every company you apply to is not the answer. Instead, your resume should be crafted and worded so that every potential employer reading it thinks you may just be the best candidate for the job.


Learn about the company — Do your research well so that you know so much about a company showing up for an interview with them is easy.


Look for information about their work environment, if their dress code is casual or more typical business attire, and what their work style is like.


Once you have this information, you can then tailor the way you dress and the way you behave to the type of person they are looking to hire.


Good communication — Once upon a time, getting a job in IT simply meant being good at the tech side of it. Hence, helping to create the stereotype of the IT person who can only communicate with fellow geeks.


Nowadays, however, the IT work has moved on and many companies now expect their IT workers to have excellent communication skills as well as the usual tech experience.


After all, there is not much point knowing how to get something to work if you cannot explain to the layperson that needs to know how to do it.


Treat the interview like a discussion — Remember, you want to be as happy in a job as you can, which is why you should be interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.


Treat the interview like a discussion, where you ask as many questions as you are asked, and you will be able to find out enough about the company to know if you will enjoy working for them.


Answer interview questions honestly — When you go for an IT interview, there will be certain IT-related questions you will be asked.


Most interviewers do not expect you to know the answer to every question, however, as everyone’s IT experience is different. Instead, they are often just looking to see how you would handle a question and think your way through it.


That means answering questions honestly, and not pretending to know something you do not.