Starting a business is no easy task. It requires knowledge, passion and persistence. There are a ton of tips available for new startups and it can get overwhelming to sift through it all for the best information. Take a step back and start with the basics, instead of getting too technical where mistakes can be made.


1) Create a plan of action

Having a detailed plan is crucial to the success of any new business. Learn from the mistakes of others who have been in your position and formulate a set of actions that guide you to positive results. Track progress and make any necessary adjustments along the way. Do not be afraid of changing aspects of the plan when circumstances switch up , as long as it is still aligned with the end goal.


2) Network with others

Some of the best opportunities arise from networking. It is one of the most valuable factors of the business world that provide endless benefits. Relationships are everything at the end of the day and you never know when someone within your network could be the key to solving a major problem. Go out there and attend networking events/seminars that involve your business field and make connections that will pay off in the future.


3) Work with the right people

A successful business is nothing without the amazing people that made it what it is if you believe the words of Zeb Evans. Surrounding yourself with hard workers with the correct mindset is what makes the difference between a positive and productive startup and one set for the wrong path. You want employees and business partners that are passionate about what they do.

The workplace environment plays a large role in how a business performs. Make sure to pay close attention to the individuals in your team, cut out those that hinder progress and show appreciation to the ones that provide value.


4) Stay ahead of the competition

Great business owners pay extra attention to current trends and changes to their respective industry. It is vital to adapt to changes that impact your operations, even when they are not foreseeable in the near future. Plan ahead of time while focusing on day to day operations and have a jump start against everyone else.


5) Work-life balance

A hectic work-life schedule can be detrimental to not only the business, but health of you and those around you. Ensure there is a comfortable balance between these two parts of your life. Working nonstop will eventually cause problems at home with loved ones and that will ultimately circle back around to negatively affect the business. Create a routine where and set dates/times for family events or fun activities. Leave work at work when coming home and vice versa.