The ESTA program in the United States is the electronic system for travel authorization, and it greatly expedites the process of being cleared to enter the US upon landing. You may have applied for a visa, but your visa will be checked when you get to customs at any airport in America. The simplest way to avoid problems is through the ESTA, and this article explains how the ESTA may be used for your benefit.

#1: Do You Have A Sponsor?

You may find a sponsor for your travels that includes an employer or host in America. The sponsor is a part of the application process that often makes things easier on you. You may not know how much the United States values sponsors, but a sponsor if often the only way to get into the country.

A contact on American soil ensures that you may go directly to that business or person. If you do not have a sponsor lined up, you may wish to find one before your trip begins. This person may be the one who picks you up, or they may send a representative that sets Homeland Secjurity and customs agents at ease.

#2: Collect Documents

You cannot fill out an ESTA application if you do not have all your documentation prepared. Proper documentation includes your birth certificate and proof of sponsorship. You may need a photo ID that is issued by your home country, and your host may need to go online and fill out their part of the ESTA application.

The documentation you collected for the application must travel with you to the US because a customs agent may want to see it. You are hoping to expedite the process in customs, but having the documents may avoid any gripes over bad copies or a photo that is difficult to see.

#3: Who Needs ESTA?

ESTA is needed for all workers who wish entry to the US, and it may be used for youruschool tour, athletic team, or family members who come for visits. You must be quite organized if you plan to have applications completed for everyone. Again, you must travel with all needed documents because the customs agents will ask for any documents they cannot read or understand.

You must begin the process today because the website is quite busy, and you may return to complete more applications if needed. The website allows you to check the progress of each application, and your eceive confirmation of your completed application that may be kept in email form on your mobile device.

#4: The Final Check

The final check occurs when you land, and you must have everything on your person. Get everyone in your group ready to speak to customs, and ensure that you have proof all your applications were completed. A decision is made in moments, and you may go on about your trip. The ESTA program works much better when you get organized, bring your documents, and have a sponsor in America.

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