When you are launching a new product, having an effective custom label placed on it is very important. Especially if you want to attract the attention of customers, and make your product look pleasing to the eye.

There are a few things you should keep in mind, therefore, when it comes to designing effective custom labels. Things that will make your new labels stand out.

Keep the fonts simple and clean — Some people that do not have a lot of experience in designing printed products will use fonts that are too complicated, too ornate or too difficult to read.

The whole point of having a label on a product is so that the customer can find out what it is and what it does. Keep the fonts simple and clean, and do not choose any that the average person would have difficulty reading.

Keep the information to a minimum — Novice designers of custom labels will often try to include too much information on a label. This is never a good thing as it makes the label look too crowded, and the important information too difficult to read.

Design your custom labels by writing down the information you think should be on it, and then removing some of it. Keep paring it down until only the vital information is still left. That is the information that should be included on your custom labels.

Make them striking — Labels are on a product for two reasons. The first is to let the person buying it know what the product is and which ingredients are in it. The second is to attract their attention, so that they buy that specific product and not another one.

Make your custom labels striking in design and they will draw the attention of a potential buyer. You can do this with the colors you use, the design you choose to have printed on the labels and the font you choose. Alternatively, you can always hire a custom label company to help you with the design and printing.