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Only a few years ago, buying a camera for a child would have been an expense most parents could not afford. Nowadays though cameras are so cheap, it is possible to buy a good one for under $50.

With many parents worrying about having a child that is as creative as possible as well, buying a camera for them is a great way to ensure that happens.

Children that can make choices are more creative — Being creative often comes from being able to make choices and then stick to them.

Having a camera is a wonderful way to foster that ability, as a child looks around their environment and then chooses what photographs to take and what to avoid.

Stimulating a child’s imagination — A camera is a wonderful gift for a child as it helps to stimulate their imagination.

As they look around their environment for suitable photographs to take they are imagining what that photo will be like when taken. This gives their imagination free rein and enables them to take unusual or highly creative shots.

A good way to play with your child — The children that are the most creative tend to have been involved in all kinds of play from being very small. A camera is a wonderful tool for play as it gives a child all kinds of ideas as to how to use it.


A child can take photographs at family functions and pretend to be a professional photographer. They can take shots for a photography book they want to create, or take photographs to promote a lemonade stand they plan on setting up.

There are thousands of ways a child can use a kids digital camera to enhance any type of play they are interested in. They can even use them with parents, so that a father and mother are also able to play alongside their child.

Documenting family trips — One way of ensuring your child’s creativity improves is to put them in charge of documenting a family trip.

This can be as simple as furnishing them with a camera and then asking them to take photos of anything they think is interesting during the trip.

At the end of the holiday, the child can then be asked to put together an online or offline photograph album of what they think are the most fun, most interesting or most unusual photographs.

This type of holiday project allows the creativity created from using a camera to continue on after a holiday, with a child being able to spend even more hours going through photographs and assessing the ones that are the best ones and why.

The child could even take their holiday album to school as part of show and tell.