Your companies business card is usually a potential customers first interaction with your company. It is imperative that your business card engages the potential client, and encourages them to find out more about you and what services you provide. A well-designed business card that is simple to understand will do the trick. When designing your card, there are a few things you need to consider.


What Message Do You Want To Convey?

Even though it may be obvious that your business card should convey some type of message, it is important to emphasize this. Your card should include your name, your position, the company you represent, and the logo should also be displayed. Consider the contact methods that you have printed on your card. You want to ensure that your clients have different avenues that they can contact you by. If your card requires extra space for all of your contact information, you can consider removing the address from the design. Addresses are no longer necessary on business cards as a primary means of contact.

Of course you don’t have to go all out and be like Christian Bale aka Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, hehe:


Make The Card Legible

If your business card has a lot of written content on it, you may want to adjust the size of the font so everything can fit. You should never shrink the font size. You may be able to read the text when looking at it on a computer screen, but it can turn illegible once the card is printed. To ensure that the font can be deciphered, do not decrease it smaller than 8pt.


Should The Card Be Colored or Plain?

Bright colors that are used properly, can make your business card standout. If used incorrectly, they can make your card appear unprofessional and hard to decipher. It is important to keep your card simple. Never underestimate the power that simplicity has when advertising your business. Plain cards with simple designs can be just as memorable as a striking colored card, it is all about the message it delivers.


Pictures Speak Louder Than Words


Seventy percent of the population are visual learners. This means they react to visual stimulus more than hearing or completing a specific task. While it is important to write content on your cards, you also need to consider saving space for something visual to be included. Use this space to display your business logo or showcase one of your best selling products or services in this space. Whatever you choose to include, it is important to not neglect to fill this space. Remember, that you have to consider a broad spectrum of people when advertising your business.


Thicker Cards Garner More Attention


The thickness of your business card is one thing that many people forget to consider. A thicker card will make your business seem more professional. It will make prospective clients see your business in a positive light, and show you pay attention to detail. Thicker cards are more expensive than their thinner counterparts, but its imperative to remember in order to make money you must be willing to spend money. Business cards that are printed on paper that is thinner than 300gsm feels light and cheap.