An Instagram account is like any other social media platform, you get out what you put in. In order to be successful, you have to play by the rules and always have some kind of presence. You are not going to be a star or have a million followers (unless you buy some from an awesome service like sitting and waiting for them to come to you. You have to put in the work to get the rewards.


1)The Photos


The CEO from Freshly Picked grew her followers to 400,000 people. How did she do it? She “liked” photos from her niche group. She spent a few hours every night doing this. This was back when she first started. Now she has over 400,000 people. She says it is a good way to get your name out there and get others interested.


“You cannot get others to like your stuff when you are not liking theirs”.


2)Get Social


This is the one that trips many up. It is not called “social media” because the name sounds good. You have to interact with other people, in order to get a lot of followers. Talk to people you know. Introduce yourself to people that are new. When you leave a comment, you need to do it in a genuine way. Leaving a comment like “nice jacket” is very stale. You are not going to get someone to respond back to you. Plus. it may discourage the person from leaving more photos for you to look at.


“All the world is a stage and everyone has their part”.


3)Do your own thing


You need to find your own unique hashtag and use it. Put it out there and ask others in your niche to use it. This will help to broaden your base. It helps to show appreciation for what your friends are doing and it gives your account some purpose too. When you create your hashtag, make sure it is not being used and it has a purpose. Every hashtag on social media has a purpose. The ones who throw tags around willy nilly do not last very long.


“Throw your tag around and do it with a smile”.




Ask one of your followers to do something and they will do it. It sounds corny, but it really does work. People like to be asked. Most people are not going to do something on their own. We live in a world now where there are very few leaders and many followers. You have to be the leader for your followers that you want others to be.


“Ask and you shall receive”.


5)Research what the people want


Most Instagram accounts do not get the followers they have by not doing some research. Find out what your core audience likes. Find out which photos or contests went well for them. Do more of that.

For some additional marketing tips for your IG, check out the video below:

You have to get to the “want” of people, so you can fill that “desire”.