If you are in the business of setting up and maintaining websites, then it is time to take a close look at managed WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting is a professional service that includes full control of a WordPress site. This includes SEO capabilities, customization features, improved performance, optimum site speed, and security, which are elements of a successful website. What’s more, once you set up a website with managed WordPress you have a worldwide pool of developers and bloggers offering you support.

For those who just need a simple website, unmanaged websites may be enough. However, the creation and maintenance of the site rest on the user. Which is fine if you do not need anything complex. For businesses who need to set up and run a competitive website, this is not the case. They will need a managed website in order to effectively reach out to the world. A managed WordPress site will keep an eye on downtime, do backups, and ensure the site is running at acceptable speeds. Why are all of these factors important? Well, take SEO for instance. If the website is not properly optimized for SEO, then it’s unlikely that anyone looking for your product will see your website.

Same goes for site speed. People are impatient these days. Which means if the website takes its time to load pages, you just lost a customer. A managed WordPress site will always have optimum speeds no matter what the traffic is. With all these types of baking, you can concentrate on other aspects of running a business instead of worrying about website issues. The following are a more in depth look at other managed website benefits – for a more detailed overview, check out Bitcatcha.com


These days security is one of the biggest concerns for anything connected to online work. Excellent security features are the trump card of managed WordPress hosting. This is perhaps the single biggest feature that makes it attractive for business owners.

Support and Service

The keyword in managed service of any kind is “managed” and this true of managed WordPress. This means you will have the peace of mind knowing that your website will be looked after technicians who understand WordPress 24/7. The service you use is called Pagely and all you need to do is give them a call to sort out any issues.

No Downtime

Websites crashing is a reality, especially with unmanaged sites. It can also happen with managed sites, but the difference is that it gets remedied much faster with a managed site. It’s not only about crashing when a website slows down it is equally as bad. Managed sites will be constantly monitored and fixes will be made at a much faster rate. Website uptime is extremely vital for any business to run smoothly.

Custom Made

No two businesses are alike, therefore no two websites are going to be alike. What you will need is a custom solution for the website. Managed WordPress has the capability to customize websites for all types of industries. With features such as speed tuning and caching, you can create whatever you need for the site.