Managed WordPress platforms can be a little pricey but they are worth each and every penny. When compared to Shared platforms, managed WordPress platforms provide frequent security checks and automatic updates.

As the name suggests, they manage your important tasks in the background. To speed up the operations of your website, some managed WordPress platforms use built-in caching and CDN. The following are 9 best managed wordpress hosting options in our opinion:


Managed WordPress platforms would be highly pricey but SiteGround is fairly cheap. At just $3 per month, it backs your work daily and provides automatic updates. It also offers 24/7 team support.

However, its services such as the entry level are limited compared to other competitors.


Engineered by Google Cloud, Kinsta boasts of being one of the most super-fast options, it would be the reason Asos and Ubisoft use it. It is expensive with their cheapest provision going for $ 30 per month. Kinsta inspects your website once per minute.

3.WP Engine

This is one of the giants in Managed WordPress hosting. It is one of the pioneer in this market and it is used by notable clients such as HTC. It can support up to 27,000 users per month with a 24/7 support team.


Cloudways is known for its user friendly control panel. It also gives you the freedom of selecting your preferred cloud. In addition to providing an all-time support, it enables its users to move freely across the packages.


Essentially created for designers, Flywheel is one of the most recent hosts. It is considerably cheap with a customized dashboard. Its features are wheeled to improve interaction with customers.

6.Liquid Web

It would be one of the most expensive platforms but its features and services are unquestionable. Arguably, it has the best support team. In addition, it doesn’t have restrictions on access to plugins.

7.Media Temple

Temple Media is recommended for middle-level enterprises and beginners. Its main features are 1 TB monthly bandwidth, live support and SSD database.


They offer the best services you could possibly imagine and their specialized features are awesome. They are renowned for hosting the biggest names in the market including eBay, Disney and Visa.


This high-end platform targets developers and enterprises. They have automatic quick updates and plugins. CDN and MaxCDN are involved in its hosting. Its team is also highly knowledgeable and readily available.

It all comes down to cost and the magnitude of your website. High-end websites with millions of visitors will opt to use Pagely and Pressable, bloggers and mid-sized enterprises will go for Kinsta and the likes.

Nevertheless, the above options are the 9 best-managed WordPress platforms.