If you talk to a lot of people who only have a few hundred followers on Instagram, they will tell you they do not want to buy followers. After all, that is cheating, right?

In fact, it is not as just about every big Instagram account has bought followers to the level that some have bought hundreds of thousands of them. This is the big secret when it comes to Instagram. Most people need to buy followers so that they can catch up with everyone else who has.

Check out these awesome tips to get more followers:

How does buying followers help your account? — One thing many Instagram account holders do not realize is that most people follow what everyone else is doing.

That means they follow accounts with tens of thousands of followers, and the more followers an Instagram account has the more likely it is other people will follow it.

Buying followers for your Instagram account makes you look popular. If you look popular, most people will think you are doing something important so they will start to follow you.

As many people who have bought Instagram followers will tell you, as soon as their account reached beyond a certain number it grew faster and faster. That was all those people thinking they were important and so following them as well.

How do you buy Instagram followers? — If you have not done this before, you may not know how to do it. It is, however, much easier than you may think.

All you need to do is to find an online service, like Maislikes, that sells Instagram followers. There are many of them, so it is up to you which you choose. Just be sure you compare prices across a few different services, as well as the number of new Instagram account followers they will send you, before you decide on one.

How many should you buy? — The number of followers you decide to buy depends on you and how many you can afford. You should not buy very many to begin with, however, as too many arriving all at once may set off alarms at Instagram and your account could be flagged.

Choose the number of Instagram followers you want to buy, give the service your Instagram account name and pay for the followers. Within a few hours after paying, you will begin to see new followers appear on your account.

This will happen throughout a day or two until all the followers you have bought are now following you.

Can you buy more followers? — You can buy as many followers as you like, and you can buy them through the same service you have already used. Just keep buying them over a few weeks’ period until you have the final number that you want.

You can even buy Instagram likes if you want certain photographs to be popular as well. This is also another way to make your account even more popular and, with some services, is cheaper per like than it is per follower.