Today’s New Mouse Pads

There are all kinds of mouse pads out on the market today. Some light up, some have raised wrists pads, some have RGB LED strips interwoven into the pad materials giving you a rainbow of color. However, today we will look at three mouse pads, the good, the better, and the best mouse pad.


GOOD – Corsair MM600 Mouse Pad

Corsair MM600 Mouse Pad is a hard surface pad. This pad is durable, light in weight, and hard on the surface. This model mouse pad offers versatility, with two types offered. For those users prefer a more precise control of the mouse, the textured polymer mouse pad is the one for you. For those who prefer rapid gliding, a low-resistance finish model is the one for you. Both model mouse pads have an aluminum frame around the mouse pad for durability. Overall, this mouse pad offers a solid aluminum frame, uniform glide, two surface options, accurate tracking, and rubber corners for no slips.


BETTER-Reflex Lab Professional 15 Heavy Mouse Pad

The Reflex Lab Professional 15 Heavy Mouse Pad is for the user who prefers a soft surface mouse pad, with this profoundly plush 5mm thick mouse pad. If your aim is the comfort when maneuvering your mouse, you will not go wrong with this smooth gliding surface with plushness and depth for your support. The edging on this mouse pad is unique, and its design is inherent in its reliability. The professional stitching increases the durability of this mouse pad. With ample size dimensions of fifteen inches by eleven inches offers space for the extra room. Overall, this mouse pad would have warranted the best rating. However, the increased thickness of the mouse pad will leave some wrists sore after extended use.


BEST-Logitech G640 Large Cloth Mouse Pad

The Logitech G640 Large Cloth Mouse Pad literally, has it all! This cloth mouse pad is designed for control. The surface of this mouse pad is surface heat-treated at 200 degrees centigrade to provide the optimum amount of friction. From edge to edge, the user is offered consistent surface texture. The exterior is a clean, smooth texture giving logical moves of your mouse. Logitech G640 provides a stable rubber base which keeps the flexible cover in place and prevents the mouse from bunching up in front of the mouse. Comfortable cloth construction offers a soft fabric that provides comfort as the wrist moves back and forth across the pad’s edge. The Logitech G640 Mouse Pad is made of flexible cloth material. The elastic cloth material allows the mouse pad to be rolled up and placed in its hexagonal packaging.


Mouse Pads Today

Like other improvements in computer accessory technology, your mouse pad is no longer just a small, foam square. Mouse no longer have roller trackballs: however, a right mouse pad is essential to a mouse that can be guided and moved with precision. Remember, how you took your new optical mouse only to have it bunch up, dragging across the mouse pad? With the materials, and the innovative designs and sizes of new mouse pads, a bunched up mousepad should never have to happen to you again!

Make sure to also check out this awesome video by LTT for advice on mouse pads: