You are scrolling on Google for some information or ideas about a particular issue and come across some content in the form of an image or video that you really like. The image is from an Instagram account, and you click on it to find out what other interesting content that account holds. But how disappointing it may be to find out that the account is private and you cannot access its content.

If that particular account had been public earlier, its content from that period might show on Google. However, you cannot view the account now that the account is private. So what to do now? Try sending a follow request, maybe? Or make a fake profile of a business concern or influencer that person may want to connect with? Now, that doesn’t seem right, does it?

So, while you are wondering if there is any other option that can aid you to get through to that account, we will be talking about a third-party application that can prove to be very effective in accessing a private Instagram account. These apps or software are called private Instagram viewers. If you haven’t come across one before and want to find out what it is, this is your chance.

What is it, and how is it used?

As mentioned earlier, a private Instagram viewer is a third-party app or software that enables users to gain access to a private Instagram account without letting the account owner know about it. If you want to use a private Instagram viewer, all you need to do is go to the viewer website and enter the profile URL of the account. If you do not know the account URL, you can even enter the account username, click on the view profile tab, and the viewing app will take you to the desired account.

Here is how the private Instagram viewer will help you

  • You can view private images of almost everyone
  • You can browse any media file on that account and transport it into a .zip file.
  • You can also access the messages of the private account and even recover files and deleted messages.

You do not need to log into your account to access the account through the private Instagram viewer. The site has proxy support, so the users stay undetected. So, you can browse through the private Instagram content without revealing your identity and maintaining anonymity. The private Instagram viewer is usually tested on a regular basis to incorporate updates and improve the interface when required.