If you have decided to start using VoIP services for your personal calls, you may not be sure which VoIP provider you should be signing up to. With so many out there, it can get confusing quite quickly.

That is why you should be looking for a few specific things when choosing a good VoIP provider, as finding the right one could be useful. Using the wrong one could be a problem.

Is a free VoIP provider all you need? — There are several free VoIP providers out there, including Skype.

Look at some of them before you consider actually paying for a VoIP provider, as you may find that a free service offers everything you need.

Remember as well, you do not have to sign up with just one VoIP provider. You can use several of them depending on your needs.

In most cases, however, it is recommended to be signed up with both a free provider and one that charges. The free one will allow you to call anyone you need to contact without having to spend money. It will also offer other useful features that you also do not need to pay for.

The paid VoIP provider will usually offer the more in depth services you may occasionally need.

The cost of each VoIP provider — The cost of VoIP services varies widely depending on the features each one offers, as well as the company itself.

Before you even start looking into signing up with a VoIP provider, you should decide how much you can afford to spend every month and then plan accordingly.

Features to look for with a VoIP provider — Now you know how much you can afford to spend on VoIP services every month, you can start looking for a specific provider.

Remember to also include the cost of your current mobile phone company as, if you like the VoIP service you find, you may discover you do not need your mobile phone at all.

Now consider the features you need.

Do you need to have call recording, call routing, voice mail, speed dial, SMS messaging, video conferencing, group calling and a toll-free option? All of these are typical VoIP features, with some companies offering all of them and some providers offering hardly any at all.

Make a list of those you must have, and check off the VoIP providers you find that do not offer them.

Make another list of the VoIP providers that do offer them so you can research them further.

Researching your short list of VoIP providers — Once you have a short list of the best voip providers, you should research each one to be sure they are reputable, reliable, can offer exactly what you need and also have good customer service.

You can do that research by reading online reviews, by looking at review sites to see what users are saying about each provider, and by asking for opinions in online forums set up for those using VoIP.

Once you know the monthly costs and have done all your research, now you can choose the best VoIP provider or providers for your specific needs.