Anyone who owns a website knows, as traffic to it grows, there will come a time when you will have to upgrade the shared server you now use to a dedicated server.


When should you get a dedicated server for any website that you own? Follow these quick tips, and you will be sure to move your site to a dedicated server at just the right time.


Monitor your traffic — Most websites’ traffic grows consistently every month and, after a few months, you can usually guess quite accurately how much the traffic to your site will grow each month.


Monitor your site for the exact amount of traffic it is getting, however, and as soon as you start to get over 100,0000 visits a month, you should begin looking at dedicated servers.


Monitor your site’s speed — There are plenty of websites you can use to monitor the speed of your website. Pingdom is one of the most popular, as it can tell you in just a few seconds how fast your site is and, if it is one of the Internet’s slower sites, what is happening on it that is slowing it down.


Monitor your site’s speed several times a day and, as soon as you see it is beginning to slow down on a consistent basis, this will usually mean your traffic has increased. Check your traffic and, if that is the case, start to look at dedicated servers, for example server dedicati, so you can get started on moving it to one.


If you do not, a site with constantly increasing traffic on a shared server will either eventually crash the server completely, or not be able to offer your visitors the consistent speed they need.


Have you had site crashes? — If your site has crashed more than once in the last few months, there is a very good chance it is due to the shared server you are using simply being overworked.


When this happens more than once, it usually means it will continue crashing as your traffic increases along with the traffic of other sites that are also on the same server.


When you start to see consistent crashes like this, you should move quickly towards paying for a dedicated server. If you do not, you may find your site begins to crash so much it is down more than it is up.


How much is a dedicated server? — People worry about paying for a dedicated server as they presume they may not be able to afford it.


In fact, there are many different levels of dedicated server, so you can always start off with a basic server package and then upgrade it as your traffic continues to increase.


Just be sure you look at a large number of server companies and compare their prices before you sign up with any of them. This will help ensure you not only get a good package for your website’s current needs, but that you also end up with an affordable monthly price for a dedicated server as well.