Do you live in Canada and are being blocked from accessing certain websites around the world? Do you want to be able to watch TV programs online in the U.S. or the U.K. but are coming across country filters every time you try due to geo-restrictions?

If so, you need to sign up for a VPN and use it every time you surf to websites in different countries. That way you can see and watch whatever you want.

When looking for the best VPN for Canada, though, there are a few things any good VPN should have. These things will help make sure more sites are unblock, that your IP is protected no matter where you go and that your security is also taken care of.

Choose the right encryption protocol — There are various types of encryption protocols that you can use, but be sure the VPN you choose uses OpenVPN. This is the most secure and will protect you from hackers.

Make sure the VPN has servers in the right countries — The next main thing the best VPN for Canada should have is servers in the right countries. This means if you want to watch TV shows in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Austria, Thailand or Namibia, the VPN you sign up for should have servers in these countries.

That way, when you get online and connect to the VPN, it will appear as though you are located in the country the server is in.

A free trial — While there are some good VPNs for Canada that are free to use, the most secure tend to be those that you pay to use.

Even so, you want to make sure the Canadian VPN you use offers a free trial of at least seven days so you can thoroughly test out their system. Never sign up for one without a free trial, as you could quickly find out it does not offer anywhere close to the security it says it does.

What is the company’s logging policy? — Another reason for using a Canadian VPN is you do not want your browsing history to be logged by the company and then stored.

Find out about a company’s logging policy before you sign up, and only register with a VPN that does not store your private information.

Which country is the VPN located in? — Some countries have laws that force VPNs operating there to log all browsing activity and then store it. Do not sign up for a VPN in one of these countries, as your information will be logged and stored and could be accessed by any governmental official at any time without your knowledge.

Bandwidth restrictions? — If you will be using the VPN often, you also need to be sure you do not have any bandwidth restrictions.

The best VPN Canada will allow you to use it throughout the month as often as you like and not suddenly start to slow down your surfing when you have used too many megabytes.