The Best Video-Editing Softwares of 2016:


Pix and Bits Editor 2016

This software is mainly designed for professional photographers who need to get access to several options and controls. Pix and Bits Editor 2016 offers an advanced multi-cam editor that can work alongside other video editing apps. It likewise includes some touch-enabled capabilities, thus it’s perfect for computers and tablets with touch-screen monitors. Moreover, it’s very easy to use making it good for amateurs and professionals.

Veeditor 2016

Veeditor 2016 is a full-featured video editing software that may be used by beginners and professionals. Although it’s jam-packed with a couple of sophisticated editing techniques, the software is not complicated to use. It’s not intimidating even to hobbyists who have less experience in terms of editing pictures and videos. It features a new 4K support, guided edits, animated motion titles, and much more.

ProFilMaker 2016

ProFilMaker 2016 is an easy-to-use software that provides basic-to-advanced editing functions such as crop, trim, picture-in-picture, and much more. It gives video effects such as sound effects and transitions and it likewise supports a variety of input and output formats. If you wish, you may upload edited videos immediately to Facebook or YouTube and also burn videos to a DVD collection.

Raw Pix Editor Pro

This software handles almost any type of raw pictures and images with remarkable ease. It offers a lot of image processing techniques that are not complicated to use. Therefore, beginners and advanced users may use the software to perform photo edits, retouches, shadowing, and much more.



The Best Antivirus Programs of 2016:


SeeQure PC 2016

This software provides unlimited protection for Windows and Apple computers. It’s more comprehensive than other antivirus programs and it’s actually good at blocking spywares and malicious URLs. Although it’s not the best in the area of anti-phishing, SeeQure PC 2016 has several other bonus features such as real-time monitoring and email filtering.

PC Virus Blocker Pro

Created by Anti-Virus Lab, PC Virus Blocker Pro is capable of blocking nasty viruses and spywares that can damage operating systems. Thanks to Anti-Virus Lab’s huge database of virus definitions, it can efficiently monitor computers and do real-time analysis of the things that are being downloaded or saved in hard drives and other storage devices. It’s also way faster than most security programs and is, in fact, more accurate.

MicroBit Scanner 2016

In addition to its antivirus scanning features, MicroBit Scanner 2016 comes with a new technology that can handle or repair corrupted Windows system files. It’s likewise very effective at blocking malicious programs and phishing emails, but it’s relatively slow when it comes to scanning for viruses. Independent lab tests and hands-on tests likewise reveal excellent results that deliver outstanding PC protection.

NoVirus PC Pro 2016

NoVirus PC Pro works both on Windows and Apple computers. It’s effective in defending computers against malwares and other online threats and it likewise helps secure your identity and several other online transactions. It’s also fast and as effective as the leading antivirus programs of today.