DNA testing is a trend sweeping the nation. People are able to find their roots of ethnicity and reveal hidden secrets of their family history through DNA testing. A genomics and biotechnology company doing so is 23andme. The 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell leads to unlocking an entire history. There are many 23andme alternatives that do the same kind of testing.


One of the leading sites for ancestry links promises to give you great DNA results. The website says they have five times more ethnic regions than other DNA testing sites. DNA testing through AncestryDNA tracks your origin to more than 165 ethnic regions around the world. You can then read stories about your ancestors in this region and connect to extended family members.


Medimpex not only offers DNA testing to find out your roots, but also offers tests for forensic and alcohol testing if needed. The company offers kits with straightforward directions to make it as easy as possible to find out your family history. Test results are given back in about a week. It’s affordable without all the bells and whistles. The company has a good reputation according to customers and the pricing is fair for most.

Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA is all about finding your roots through science. They break it down into three categories. The Family Finder gives customers a geographic breakdown of their family history. They can connect with distant relatives through the company’s database as well. The yDNA testing is for males only and tracks their personal history through their father’s DNA. The mtDNA tracks the customer’s history through their mitochondrial DNA. The most popular test is the Family Finder because it looks at the customer’s overall ancestry roots.

GPS Origins

GPS Origins claims it stands apart from the DNA pack by tracing a person’s DNA back over 1,000 years or even more. It gives you a breakdown of the person’s geographical area of DNA history. They are able to do extensive research from this information. The testing analyzes over 800,000 DNA markers to find the origins of both sides of their family.


Teloyears promises to not only find your roots, but also improve your vitality. The DNA testing looks at cellular age to determine the health of cells. You can work with an expert to make lifestyle changes to improve this age as well. Teloyears is ideal for older customers to help live a longer life. They also cater to younger customers wanting to find their roots and make smarter lifestyle decisions at the same time.


My Heritage


One of the most popular and largest providers of DNA testing kits is My Heritage. The company promises to bring you long lost relatives, your roots into your geographical region of origin and your ethnic group and is the largest international network of family trees. It is one of the most cost effective DNA testing kits on the market. My Heritage dives into eight billion historical records in its system.