When it comes to growing your Instagram account, it is often not just a case of growing it but keeping it growing as well. Of course, some recommend to buy instagram likes to start your account and get it off the ground. And while this is a good option to consider, we wanted to give you some more organic tips aswell.

These tips will help you do that, and do so in a way that is genuine and authentic.

Post your most beautiful photographs — Some people who try to grow their Instagram accounts seem to think posting huge quantities of average photos is the way to get people to follow them. It is not.

Instead, while you do want to post consistently, having beautiful photos on your Instagram account is far more important than having hundreds of them. Only upload your best photographs and that will draw people to your account immediately.

Choose a consistent theme — Whether the theme you choose is a specific color or a particular filter, make sure you choose one and then use the same one across all your photos.

What this does is make your entire account consistent and uniform, and uniformity is pleasing to the eye.

Post every day — Choosing a specific time of day to upload your best photos and then do so every day is the key to a popular account.

The best way to post every day is to choose at least two times a day when you will post — one in the morning and one later on in the day — and then post at that time every day.

This will set your account up to be watched by those who love your photos. They will then immediately come to your account as the time for uploading approaches.

Use trending hashtags — If you are going to be uploading a new photo within the next hour or so, check the trending hashtags before you do and use any that may be appropriate for your photo.

This will immediately bring new eyes to your photo and, if you are lucky, new likes and new followers as well.

Link all your social media accounts — Be sure to use an app that links all your social media accounts. That way, when you upload a new Instagram photo, it will immediately be posted to your other accounts as well.

This will attract the attention of followers on your other social media accounts, and some of them will start to follow you on Instagram as well.

Use a widget on your website — If you have a website that is connected to the same subject as your Instagram account, be sure to use a widget on your site that shows off your Instagram photos.

Anyone who arrives on your site, likes what you do and sees the Instagram widget is likely to check it out. This could gain you several new followers every day and a whole slew of new likes.

Comment on other people’s photos — One of the best ways to get your Instagram to grow is to comment on other people’s photos.

This will often cause them to comment on yours, and some of them will follow you.