Will the coming Despicable Me 3 movie be any good?

Despicable Me 3 film is comical, fast-paced, touching and gives attention to all its characters. The animation fits the comedic quality of the movie and is extremely colorful. Co-directors Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda try their best to keep up the energy and enthusiasm from start to finish and largely succeed in accomplishing that goal. The film has an approval rating of 89% based on the rotten tomatoes critics rating reviews. Basically, this is a delightful movie for all ages.

The Plot

The plot is extremely funny as usual and tells the story of the ex-villain Gru, who teams up with his long-lost flamboyant light-hearted, and filthy rich twin brother Dru whom he has never met. After being fired from his prestigious job as an Anti-Villain agent, Dru wants to get together with his brother in order to do one last criminal heist and fight against Balthazar Bratt, a former famous child star in Hollywood who has become a very bad villain and now wants world domination. All of the characters in Despicable Me 3 are cute, even the villains. The Minions are hilarious as expected but do not dominate the film as they did in the previous movies. The girls are super adorable and Gru-Dru relationships were handled a lot better than expected. The use of bubblegum as a weapon is a fresh idea, and it’s actually very amusing and the mansion on Gru’s brother’s island is insanely unique and off the chart. His vast wealth is attributed to the success of his pig farm business. The 1.5 hours running time is graced with some mildly emotional moments. If you want, you can check it out in theatres and/or here: Watch Despicable Me 3 Stream.

The Cast And Music

The voice acting in Despicable Me 3, for the most part, is really good. The cast consists of Steve Carell a superb comedian as Gru, he is also the voice of Dru, the twin brother to Gru.

Kristin Wiig as Lucy Wilde, Gru’s wife, Trey Parker, as Balthazar Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, as Margo, Dana Gaier, as Edith, Nev Scharrel, as Agnes, Steve Coogan, as Silas Ramsbottom, Julie Andrews, as Marlena, Jenny Slate, as Valerie Da Vinci, and Pierre Coffin as voice of the Minions. The cast of characters, minus Balthazar Bratt, was likable and colorful.

There is great chemistry between Gru and his twin brother, Dru, both voiced by Steve Carell. and it’s not uncommon to have twin siblings in animation voiced by one person. It is a is somewhat disappointing that Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario did not return. He was very funny in the first two movies.

The villain music used in the movie was “Bad” by Michael Jackson’s 80s era, complete with shoulder pads, pump sneakers, and his legendary moon walk was really catchy and finger popping engaging, as well as 80s pop tunes of Van Halen, a-Ha, and Madonna and the barrage of other 80s references was terrific. Pharrell Williams the singer of the song “Happy” that was popular in the first Despicable Me, dominates most of the soundtrack for this movie featuring his new release song “Yellow Light”.